Structural Foundation Assessment

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your foundation is responsible for holding your residence upright. A potential structural issue can wreak havoc on your property.

Not only will you spot cracks in the floor, walls, and ceiling, but you’ll also notice moisture and humidity around your property.

However, contacting a structural foundation assessment expert on time can save you thousands of dollars down the line.

We are one of the leading Foundation Repair Companies Anchorage that provide you value for every dollar spent. Our professional team takes on your building immediately after your first phone call.

They assess your property for current and potential foundation damages and offer a solution accordingly.

What Is Structural Foundation Assessment?

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A structural foundation assessment typically involves skilled Anchorage foundation repair professionals or foundation engineers visually inspecting your home. This inspection aims to see if your property is appropriately constructed or can withstand heavyweights.

Besides, the experts see if the structure of your home is maintained well. This ensures that your home will be secure in the long run. Besides, you also learn helpful information about your home. For instance, you get to know if your property is safe or whether it was built well.

Note that foundation assessment isn’t necessary only after spotting visible structural damage signs. It is always better to utilize this service to prevent structural problems in the foreseeable future. Besides, it also saves you costs that come with severe foundation damages.

Level A Foundation Assessment

If you’re concerned about your home’s foundation, a Level A foundation is the way to go. Our dedicated Anchorage foundation repair team has performed numerous level A assessments and has spotted issues that might lead to potential problems.

Simply put, our foundation inspection services have benefitted many. Besides, if the thought of foundation assessment makes you nervous because it involves digging holes in your walls or concrete, fret not.

Our engineers do not dig holes in the level A assessment. Instead, they tour your home and observe its interior and exterior. This helps them understand the current problems or the issues that may arise in the future. We also might record the elevation readings with a digital manometer. The visual observation and readings help us identify the foundation issues and solutions that fix them before they turn into significant problems.

Framing Assessment

A structural frame consists of several elements that resist the entire structure’s loads and keep the other structures together. Clients often contact us for framing assessments during their home construction. This allows us to spot and expose issues that might create foundational problems after construction.

Flood or Fire Damaged Home Assessment

A home exposed to fire or flood gets damaged in split seconds. The floodwater weakens the base and the walls, whereas the fire wreaks havoc on almost the entire building.

So while your initial home construction might be solid, a fire outbreak or a natural disaster like a flood can deteriorate it. If you recently encountered any of these issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us. An early assessment will fix structural problems before things get worse.

Reasons to Have a Structural Foundation Assessment

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There could be various reasons you might want to reach out to experts for a foundation assessment. Here is what else might encourage you to.

You’re selling your home: If you’re trying to sell your home, it is always wise to get a structural inspection that can be flagged during the pre-sale home assessment. This will help you spot issues that might need fixation.

You’re purchasing one: Do you plan to buy a home? If yes, make sure you go for a structural assessment. It will save you from buying a home with significant problems. Besides, it can help you negotiate the price of the house you’re willing to purchase.

Cracked and sinking foundation: Regardless of your residential area, thawing spells can destroy your foundation. They may break your home walls or cause moisture issues. Besides, cracks and leaning foundation walls are warning signs. Go for an assessment as soon as possible and repair mild problems before they become severe.

Redesigning and remodeling home: If you’re redesigning your home, take it as a chance to hire a reliable foundation assessment company and check underlying foundation problems. An expert will highlight the structural issues, and you can get them fixed on the spot.

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